Advantages of Cobotics

¤ Unstructured environment
¤ Detection and variability of tasks to be performed
¤ Painfully operator posture for the execution
¤ Know-how to achieve quality
¤ Cycle time protection

¤ Sharing space with the operator in his workingstation

¤ Existing environment unchanged

¤ Parallelization of tasks

¤ Physics – COBOT / Human Cognitive

¤ Reduced pain and increased productivity

The report is without appeal, the pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) has been rising sharply for 10 years and is the leading cause of professional disease significantly affecting our companies’ accounts, in direct cost alone.
How can this handicap be reduced and productivity efforts continued around manual operations in a market trend towards ever greater flexibility and responsiveness?
Save valuable time through the interactive Cobotics while acting on the reduction of the painful and attractive manual operations.
In which case the Cobot is relevant for manual operations
Identifier les problématiques de Pénibilité, de Productivité, de Qualité, de Mobilité, de Technicité du procédé ou de variabilité de production liées à l’opération manuelle étudiée.

Ensuite Il faut vérifier la pertinence du COBOT pour l’usage concerné en levant  les verrous techniques concernant les questions de zone de travail, de charge  embarquée et de pilotage du procédé par le Cobot.

Rester sur une ambition limitée pour le périmètre dédié au cobot qui permet à la fois de :

  • répondre au besoin de productivité et de pénibilité et
  • d’éviter de complexifier la réponse technique.

Utiliser la force du duo Opérateur /Cobot !

Feasibility tests
It is necessary to go through a validation phase of the hypotheses set out by a simulation with the collaboration of the operators concerned.
This investment in time and resources is fully justified by the fact that it makes it possible to :

• validate the ability of the cobot to achieve the required quality
• Test the intuitive use of the cobot by the operator and get his feeling
• Tune the risk analysis in the specific context of the application in order to eventually meet the safety obligation of operators who share the same space with the COBOT

Search for project funding
Because of the awareness on MSD issues, many regional mechanisms are in place to encourage SMEs, SMIs to improve working conditions.
These funding’s opportunitees are often linked to a preliminary ergonomic study which allows access to partial financing of the future Cobot investment.
Do not hesitate to contact CARSAT or ARACT in your region
Optimized investment plan and ROI

Take advantage of the benefits of an ISYBOT cobotic solution.An acceptable

investment level for optimal automation.

  • Adaptability to existing workstation• Rapid integration and learning
  • Parallelization of tasks : Gain Cycle Time
  • Connectivity to the company’s ERP/ MES network
  • COBOT mobility between workstations