Technical Support during the operational phase

ISYBOT shall take all necessary measures to assist the purchaser during the operating period of the COBOT.
ISYBOT can be contacted by telephone from Monday to Friday working days from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for any technical information concerning the use or failure of the COBOT.
In case of need for on-site intervention to repair the machine, ISYBOT guarantees an intervention within 48 hours, working days, in France once the need to intervene to restore the COBOT has been identified.
A user manual indicating level 1 and 2 maintenance will be provided to the purchaser by the contractor.


The COBOT is guaranteed for 12 months as standard from the date of commissioning of the COBOT at the purchaser’s premises, up to a maximum of 15 months from the date of delivery of the COBOT to the site. Spare part

Spare Parts

When the COBOT is delivered, a list of spare parts for the main components of the machine will be given to the purchaser. We confirm that all electromechanical components are catalogue products of our suppliers and will therefore be easily available from ISYBOT.