Cobot SYB 3: Technical Specifications

•  Number of controlled axes: 3
•  Operating range: 1.6 m
•  Payload: 10 Kg over the entire working area
•  Protection IP 54
•  Angular velocity: 1m/s collaborative mode
•  Application available: Sanding – effector available
•  4 operating modes : Assistance, Restitution, Parallelization, Tele-operation.
•  Documentation to download
•  Product data sheet : (PDF)
•  CAD model: (Articulated Step Cobot file) on request

Thanks to its unique mechanical qualities, ISYBOT’s SYB 3 brings competitiveness and attractiveness to manual operations that are considered non-automatic.
Through agile automation, ISYBOT simplifies the response to the need for flexibility and variability for all types of processes such as grinding.

Without any particular training, the operator integrates and optimizes the use of the COBOT by enhancing his know-how in a work environment that does not require any modification.

ISYBOT’s interactive COBOTs improve productivity while reducing operator fatigue.