Operating modes

Depending on the process used, the COBOT has several operating modes integrated into its basic software.

Other control modes may be developed or proposed either by Isybot or by one of its partners, in particular a remote operation mode which has been set up at least for applications in hostile environments such as nuclear or asbestos with CEA LIST.

On the other hand, it is possible to generate virtual guides to keep the COBOT on an optimized path in an application using assisted mode. This function facilitates repetitive operations. For example for a packaging application the operator avoids the risk of collision of the handled part with the environment.



Assisted mode

With the force control in one fixed direction, free mode in other directions.The operator guides the sander without painfullness  it and without having to put pressure on it. The cobot recalculates the direction of force according to the position of the sanding disc.Un


Parallel Mode

The operator indicates the surface to be sanded by learning 4 points representing  the corners of the quadrilateral.

The cobot will then cover this area with the possibility for the operator to modulate the feed speed, force and rotation speed of the sander. Once sanding has started, the Cobot is autonomous for the entire processing time of the designated surface. Thus the operator can perform other value-added tasks in parallel with the production provided by the Cobot.

Restitution mode

time for the operator between two parts replacement in front of the Cobot.

The Cobot can reproduce up to 5 minutes of tajectory previously recorded in assist mode.

This mode can also be used when several passes are required on the same part with abrasive discs of different grain sizes.

On the other hand, it is possible to generate virtual guides to solve the problem of optimized trajectory in an assisted mode application. This function facilitates repetitive operations. For example, an operator conditioning application is released from the risk of collision of the manipulated part with the environment.