An acceptable level of investment for optimal automation

¤ Adaptability to the existing workstation

¤ Speed ​​of integration and learning

¤ Parallelization of tasks : Gain cycle time

¤ Enterprise ERP / MES network Connectivity

¤ COBOT mobility between workstations

The collaborative robot, so called “Cobot”, is an industrial robot category which creates interaction with people sharing working stations and tasks. This answers the need to support the operator in the painful and dangerous tasks with no added value.

it manages to avoid musculoskeletal problems and to focus on tasks with need of real skills or accurate perception, difficult to automate.

Currently, the installation of a collaborative industrial robot, without protective barriers, imposes limitations on the speed of the robot and the efforts it is able to produce.

Current cobot solutions are based on the use of additional sensors that increase the management of the servocontrolled axes by reducing their reliability.

ISYBOT measures the current in the motor in order to know precisely the effort exerted. In a conventional robot, the reduction of the movement between the motor and the axis is achieved by complex and precise gears which bring inertia and friction making the robot very inertial and therefore dangerous.

In the technology developed by CEA LIST, the assembly of ball screws and cables makes the system transparent in effort since the torque is transmitted in a guaranteed way (of the order of 95% against approximately 85% with the standard technologies). which makes it intrinsically safe.