¤ Flexibility in the validation of the industrial choice

¤ Immediate profit of  added value versus Investment

¤ Decision centre stays in the production unit

Many companies of all sizes show a marked interest in the rental of production equipment, more flexible in terms of implementation for production managers.

Through this ISYBOT offer, ISYBOT allows to quickly concretize the result of a feasibility test concluding with a production start-up of a cobot while waiting for the usual cycle of an investment request of the order of 4 to 12 months.

In this perspective, the decision-making centre is decentralised to the users (factory perimeter), instead of centralised investment committees in the case of an investment.

The rental of a COBOT also makes it possible to test the benefits of this technology over a significant period of time and to measure changes in production methods in order to verify the return on investment of a planned acquisition.

During the entire rental period the COBOT is covered by a service contract similar to the warranty on a new Cobot purchased.

The rental period can range from 3 to 18 months.

Finally, the lease of a COBOT ISYBOT also includes risk analysis, which remains mandatory and separate from the method of financing the equipment.