The ISYBOT cobot

enhances the competitiveness & attractiveness of the manual operations without modifying its environment.At the heart of the industry 4.0, ISYBOT designs collaborative robots (Cobot) resulting from CEA research.

Thanks to its unique mechanical qualities, patented, ISYBOT brings competitiveness and attractiveness to non-automated and unpredictable tasks.Without modifying the working environment, our interactive COBOTs improve productivity while reducing operator fatigue.

Thus SYB 3: Cobot range 1.6 m Payload 10 Kg 4 operating modes; Assistance, Restitution, Parallelization, Remote operation simplifies the response to the need for flexibility and variability for all types of processes such as grinding or sanding. Without any particular training, the operator integrates and optimizes the use of the COBOT by enhancing his know-how