In order to ensure the safety of operators, ISYBOT has developed its risk analysis on the basis of a methodology developed by CETIM. As for CETIM, it organizes its own training courses on the subject accessible to all its members. Finally, CETIM has a COBOT ISYBOT for its own research to improve production methods using COBOTs..
A collaboration agreement with CEA LIST gives ISYBOT access to a laboratory specialized in robotics in order to explore new uses and thus enable ISYBOT to maintain and further increase its technological lead. In addition, some of CEA TECH’s regional centers are equipped with COBOT ISYBOT to relay our technology to local manufacturers to meet their innovation needs.

For each application, ISYBOT seeks a partnership with an undisputed player in the value chain of the process concerned.
The aim is to offer ISYBOT’s customers the best solution for each application, by combining ISYBOT’s COBOTICS skills with those of its partner from the addressed field.

In the field of sanding, ISYBOT works with Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions, a global company that designs and manufactures high-performance solutions thanks to its product offering that includes abrasives, adhesives, sealants, adhesive tapes, composites and films.
Combining this know-how will enable us to democratize the automation of sanding, grinding and finishing tasks, offering our users an effective, eco-responsible solution for surface transformation in the construction, mobility and industrial markets.


AIRBUS has signed a development agreement with ISYBOT in order to identify manual uses in the different branches of the Group that could be improved due to the specificities of ISYBOT COBOTs.