ISYBOT designs and manufactures industrial collaborative robots (CoBots), which work safely in contact with people.

The solution proposed by ISYBOT makes it possible to answer effectively the problems of collaboration of the worker and the machine in order to :

  • Increase productivity of non-automated and unpredictable tasks giving time to skilled workers
  • Delegate painful tasks to COBOT (MSD), securing production flow
  • Restore manual job attractiveness making your workers COBOT’s Pilot

Plus de cinquante années d’expériences robotiques à la tête d’ISYBOT :

Yvan Measson

CEO, was head of the cobotics laboratory and business development manager at CEA LIST. Also an expert in remote operations, he is a member of the ISO commission UNM 81: “robots and components for robotics”. He thus possesses a real expertise completed by a precise vision of industrial needs, acquired through his field experience and industrial transfer.

Max Da Silva Simoes

CTO, is a real time systems and computer engineer. He has a solid industrial experience (12 years) and is also an expert for the “Robot Start PME” project. From his industrial experience, he has expertise in needs analysis, industrial organization and product definition. His experience at CEA LIST’s interactive robotics laboratory gives him the cobotic expertise necessary to perform his duties.

Philippe  Van de Sompèle

COO, for over 20 years, has made a major contribution to the spread of robotics in France, notably by successfully managing the shift from automotive to other industries for one of the world’s leading companies. In his various positions of responsibility, he has demonstrated his skills as a business developer, setting up the organizations needed to deploy innovative technologies in industry.

Dominique Trancart

CPIO, has extensive experience of purchasing and industrial operations, acquired mainly in the High Tech sector. His professional career has been divided between the corporate world – in operational management positions – and management consulting. The search for performance has always guided his actions to reinforce the competitiveness of products and the development of the companies that have placed their trust in him.

CEA LIST spin-off

ISYBOT has exclusive use of 9 CEA LIST patents for its COBOTS, representing over 40 years of full-time equivalent R&D. This innovation simplifies integration while ensuring regulatory-compliant operator safety.

ISYBOT is positioned in the emerging segment of collaborative robotics, for applications involving interaction with operators. The collaborative robot (or COBOT) cooperates with the operator during the production cycle, assisting him while valorizing his know-how.

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